Monday, October 29, 2012

Cat health insurance

Cat health insurance

Health insurance for cat, you are a great way to ensure that you do not have to face bill huge that you can not pay when your cat is sick or injured. Operation and treatment for cats to spend several hundred or several thousand dollars. You may need to put your pet to sleep, if you can not pay, it would be a tragedy for a very few dollars each month.

Insurance cat a few months, annual inspection, vaccination, so few dollars of flea and tick medicine, but you will not have to deal with large bills, you are your adequate protection can be obtained without a doubt cats.

You can not deny the possibility that between $ 200 and $ 75, depending on the region, cost of veterinary visits the vet, you can save you up to 70%, insurance cat is very diverse.

Can be dogs, that they please, in general, to the frequent contact with other animals, and is limited to property owners, cats are cats that leads to outside diseases is easier than dogs infected with either transmission of the disease in cats that are picked up.

Cats are also, because you can not resist climbing, jumping, and common diseases, they are prone to accidents. In addition, easy to carry, is the cause of the accident or traffic.

Could be any of such events continue to operate treatment and say that thousand dollars of vet fees, cost of health insurance for cat, the veterinarian at least you just for you.

From personal experience, I can say that Medicare is the savior of the cat. Through the life of my cat, and are in need of garage sting operation three twigs, in need of treatment lines and X, her eyes, she jumped the gap of his leg bone. For speed, she ran to the front of the car and tighten one hind leg, the shear reinforcement, and veterinary medicine will stay in operation. Developed, the type of blood disease, which means that at the end, poor test tiger and veterinary euthanasia probably stays in the area.

(13 years), paid too much, life insurance is a relatively short tiger, I will pay the cost of the vet, but more importantly, I find a lot of money at the end of my work money was not, you can not I can not stand.

So, if the owner of all, but also because of their own, in fact, the owner of the cat, make sure that their illness or accident.

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